carshop app


Edmunds' ethnography research uncovered a huge unmet need with their highest-valued customers. This customer segment was well informed, prepared and proud of their readiness to make a deal on a car purchase but once they got into the Finance & Insurance (F&I) office at the dealership, they were thrown off with aspects of the contract they weren't prepared for. They'd leave with a new car but not with the confidence that they got a good deal.


We'd build an app to let shoppers see out-the-door costs upfront, simplifying deal terms beyond price. By extending Edmunds' reach into financing, we'd build trust during a part of the customer journey that was currently not being serviced.


We surfaced critical data usually not exposed to shoppers until they're sitting in the F&I office and presented it in a simple and understandable way. We made it easy to work their trade-in into the deal up front. Shoppers were also given the control to create their own complete, drive-off deals and send them to dealers to get their business.


CarShop was piloted with shoppers and dealers and we validated it's promise as filling a need in the market. Initial reviews in the iTunes store were positive.