The Zipit Z2 is a wifi IM device geared towards tweens and teens. Zipit came to The Woo Agency for a high-impact, low-budget campaign to introduce the Z2 to their audience. I provided visual design and development.


We'd initiate conversations with our audience and would invite them to return. 


Woo found Fred, YouTube sensation on his way to one million subscribers, making his channel the most subscribed at the time. The collaboration was kept low-key with Zipit integrated into his lifestyle and Z2 cameos in various videos posted to the Fred channel. We created a microsite, "Fred on Zipit," where fans could see exclusive content and endings to videos seen on his YouTube channel. They could also send customized videos of Fred mentioning them by name to their friends or even to their parents where Fred would beg them to buy their kid a Zipit. The campaign was supported with creative social seeding and support ads. We additionally built a Zipit main site.


The videos caught on, Zipit’s awareness shot up overnight and they secured retail space in Target and Best Buy almost immediately. "Fred Goes Swimming" currently has over 66 million views and was nominated for a People’s Choice Award. It ranks in the top 5 in all-time views for a branded content video on YouTube. Kids spent anywhere from 7-10 minutes on the site and most of them ended up on Zipit’s main site to find out about the new wifi device. 


Zipit main site


Fred Gydget – Fred would answer fans' questions