The Mobile Professionals


Samsung wanted to target mobile professionals with their innovative Q1 Ultra, an ultraportable PC laptop. The Woo Agency – I provided visual design and development.


We'd craft the strangest mobile professions with the help of Bob Odenkirk and his band of crazy comedians and create storylines involving the key benefits of the Q1 Ultra: mobility and capabilities that supported non-stop productivity.


"Meet The Mo Pros" featured videos of Bob Odenkirk and friends as the different wacky professionals that might use the Q1 on the go. Along with "Brother’s Brothers", we shot 2 other features, "Worst Fireman Ever" and "The Carousel Booking Agent." The program was supported full circle with a YouTube Channel. Users could find out more information about the cast of mobile professionals as well as find out more about the Samsung Q1 Ultra on the microsite.


The Mo Pros “Brother’s Brothers” video had over 750,000 views total featuring the Samsung Q1 Ultraportable PC.  Samsung saw a spike in sales with their new product introduction.