Driving Conversations


Edmunds' lead system had not significantly changed in the last 10+ years and they wanted to pursue a new attribution model that would give credit to other online activities that directly affect sales. How could we focus less on processing leads and more on facilitating meaningful conversations between shoppers and our dealer partners?


We'd use a new feature, CarCode, which allowed shoppers to communicate with dealers through text messaging and we'd take a more personal approach to the user experience. The project was called Intelligent Messaging and it was all about two-way actionable conversations between shoppers and dealers.


We anticipated stages in the shopping process where Edmunds could be there in a more transparent and helpful way, we listened better and we gave shoppers a personalized page aggregating their research, preferences and history. It was called their Magic Page. We also gave dealers a version of this page that contained actionable information about shoppers so they better met needs and expectations.


The close rate on the text message exchanges was 20 percent better than on email leads, and 40 percent of text message sales converted in two days as opposed to 32 percent of email lead sales. Response time for text exchanges that resulted in a sale was six times faster, and conversations were 20 percent longer for text exchanges that close. 

MP v2 added.png

The Magic Page has price drop alerts and keeps track of dealer conversations


Dealer-facing Magic Page within CarCode tool


CarCode tool interface