Choose Your Own Adventure – my dj fantasy

Samsung’s Q1 Ultra came loaded with In Da Mixx DJ software. We targeted an urban demographic that included DJs, Producers and Beat Makers, and gave them an upfront, personalized experience of the the DJ lifestyle. 

My DJ Fantasy was shot from the point of view of the user, and let users experience what it was like being a celebrity DJ for the night. From the limo, to seeing a flyer complete with their DJ name, to meeting celebrity DJ Cut Chemist on stage (who scored the whole experience), it was all personalized letting them decide everything from what they did at the club to what music they played once they got on stage. My DJ Fantasy was directed by Little X and starred Anwar Keys & Cut Chemist. 

The first of its kind interactive campaign, My DJ Fantasy got attention in numerous music blogs and forums. The Samsung Q1 Ultra got noticed as a viable solution for real DJs.  The Woo Agency – I provided visual design and development.