Edmunds Design Refresh



A Brand and Benchmarking study revealed that only 1 in 3 people knew Edmunds. Of those, Edmunds was known as 'expert' but not unique from other sites like KBB and Consumer Reports. People had no emotional connection to the brand and the words 'institutional' and 'boring' were used to describe the site. Good design and user experience are brand differentiators, so we needed to modernize the visual design and bring personality to the bland interface of Edmunds.com.


Fatigue still lingered from a previous 2+ year redesign, so we'd call this effort a Design Refresh. The structure of most of the content modules would stay intact but we'd apply new front end styling and introduce friendlier interactions to give the site a whole new feeling. 


Starting with our core values, we pulled inspiration and created mood and style boards. We audited current patterns and applied our new design principles to create a new pattern library. Working with dev and product, changes were implemented and A/B tested along the way to validate the updates.


Tens of thousands of pages were updated without a formal redesign. Clutter and user cognitive load was reduced. NPS and user satisfaction scores went up. The Refresh also paved the way for future user experience improvements. It's almost like cleaning out a closet before you can add new shelves.


Our new design aesthetic included an updated color palette, friendlier typography, photography of real people versus stock images, lots of white space, flat color, custom iconography and use of infographics to display complex data.


Sample pages were created early on to communicate to stakeholders how the new look + feel could transform our experience.


Hompage after the Refresh


Core vehicle pricing page after the Refresh


Homepage and core vehicle pricing pages BEFORE the Refresh