Company-wide Myers Briggs Type Indicator testing showed 80% of Edmunds employees were thinkers not feelers. That data-loving, analytical thinking showed in the experiences we were building – the outside didn't accurately match the inside (people + culture). We needed an Edmunds experience that more authentically represented our brand attributes.


We'd create the inspiration for & guidelines of an Edmunds experience that demonstrated the unique aspects of our culture and reflected the 4 brand pillars – Makes It Easy, Friendly, Informative, On My Side. 


I was part of a core team that developed Edmunds' brand identity and defined why we existed. We created opportunities for employees to internalize the brand pillars and undertook multiple experiments to add a human face to our user experiences. The work was captured in an Edmunds Brand Book.


Authenticity became a 4-year running volunteer team comprised of rotating employee ambassadors from all areas of the company. It had ~35 active members at any given time. Authenticity heralded several internal and customer-facing initiatives and since it's inception, employee NPS began on an upward trend. Edmunds continued being one of the Best Places To Work through 2015.


In early workshops, employees created collages, visualizing Edmunds' brand pillars. These creatures became the basis of an internal campaign that brought the fun, friendly, warm personality of the brand into the workplace. Posters like this 3-story tall, two-sided banner hung in the open stairwell.


The evergreen parts of the brand identity were visualized as a tree. Growing from this, the Edmunds Apple Reward & Recognition Program let employees publicly acknowledge and thank each other for doing great work and for living the brand values. At the end of the month the tree was pruned and the apples were delivered.


Eventually, the core values were simplified into something simpler that better resonated with our brand promise, T.R.U.S.T.